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  • Get your custom fit shirt ordered online

    Well fitting shirts still rules

    Even in the current world, where t-shirts and casual dressing is gaining high popularity, as well as some funky mix and match culture becoming the norm for youngsters, there are many who would say a finely suited man looks the sexiest.

    10479730_842031669184512_2470543913957028324_nOnce there used to be only two ways a person can get a shirt for himself – either buying it off the rack or getting it tailor-made.The off the rack shirts are mostly ill fitted and does not showcase the class a tailor made fitted shirt will.

    A tailor-made shirt, however, does not come affordable always.The online fashion retail outlets have added to this list of options.

    Currently, in terms of customers who buy shirts online in India the country is one of the largest growing markets.The major menswear manufacturers were making their readymade products available through the online retail stores.So, now everyone can even order a custom made shirt online.

    Guide to buying custom fit shirts online

    If you are planning to buy shirts online in India, give custom made shirt a try.The following easy steps will take you peffortlessly through the process and guide you on how to order a custom shirt online.

    The first step is selecting the fabric of your choice. Cotton happens to be the most preferred choice because of the comfort; however, you may also go for the blended fabrics which can be used  on a regular basis.The colour and texture are also chosen at this point.11034449_810119669042379_9132438415726471121_o

    The next step lets you choose the type of cuff and collar you wish to have.A range of pictures will demonstrate the various cuffs and collars available, which you may choose from.

    Following the previous step, you need to enter your measurements.The online portal of any good manufacturer will give an easy to follow guide to get yourself measuredat ease and fill in the form.

    Finally you need to choose the type of fit you want – loose fit, slim fit or regular fit.This is the overall fitting shirts are available in.

    Your preferred shirt will be delivered at your doorstep.So remember, next time you buy shirts online in India , choose from the  wide range of choices.

  • What Your Shirt Colours Says about You

    You must have heard the famous saying “Cloth makes a man.” But do you know that your choice of colours is the result of your own character?You love to wear a particular shirt again and again.It cannot be the fit only.

    The colour has to be one of your favourite too.Or you have a rack full of shirts of the same colours or at least different shades of it.Have you ever pondered over this? Have you ever thought that what drives you to that particular colour only? Well, it is in your personality.It decides what you will choose.

    Shirts or clothes are our way of expressing our choice.Even if you are looking for regular shirts or searching for men’s designer shirts online in India, it is your traits of personality that decides for you.

    We consciously or subconsciously choose our own colours that speak for us and about us.Are you a white shirt person? Or do you appear in gray aristocrat gray shed everywhere? Find out what is your colour.

    Are you a white person? If you love to maintain the pristine whiteness of your cloth then you are simple.You love to be clean and tidy.

    You have the personality that lightens up the whole room with your luminosity. You are enthusiastic and down to earth as well.


    Black is a timeless colour.It symbolises power and authority.You are the alpha male and you love to sport that.Black brings out the dominant side of your persona.You might not have given attention, but black also helps you to hide unwanted flab of your body too.


    Gray is the colour of confidence.It has an old world charm attached to it.It speaks of sophistication. The neutral shade of gray makes you look confident and professional.It is an aristocrat colour that is perfect to show your class and elegance.10511503_697027670351580_1235491047226231106_o


    You are a happy person.You want to show it to the world.The most poised and peaceful way to show the blue colour is your shirt.You are loyal and faithful.You have a lively nature and blue colour expresses it unmistakably.


    Red is the colour of aggression.You are aggressive, passionate and intense.You are full of energy.You can be egotist too.The fiery red colour of your shirt or the different shades of red show this side of your person.

    Now as you know what is your colour, choose different shades of it and steal the heart of the onlookers.

  • Casual Shirts are Always In for Men

    Who says men’s fashion is boring? The trends in men’s fashion are ever changing.What is in today will be outdated tomorrow. Again with the magic touch of some designer, these shirts will become revived again.
    10479730_842031669184512_2470543913957028324_nIt is true that the formal, solid colours shirts are perfect for any man, but since last two decades designers are experimenting with various trends, colours and patterns of shirts.

    It resulted in the invention of casual shirts.They are fashionable, they are cool, and they are perfect to make you glamorous at any outing or clubbing.

    The preference of colourless or pale coloured shirts has long gone.Now men are opting for the bright colours which used to be known as women’s choice.Purple, yellow, electric blue or even pink are becoming popular amongst women more and more.

    Now when buying shirts men are not just thinking about what will work best with suit.They are thinking what will work both as office attire as well as casual attire.

    Since the style of wearing shirt is also changing, while you are hitting some high street store or logged in to buy casual shirt online, you might come across the throng of collections.The semi casual shirts are now the popular choice.

    They can be fun clothing for office.If you are planning to go the club after office then it will be your best bet.Team it up with single breasted jacket to achieve a perfect semi casual look at any outing or party.10422952_754330357954644_4094519257003533345_n

    The two confusions that you must have been in whether to opt for full sleeve or half sleeve and the shirt should be tucked or untucked.

    Typically full sleeve shirts are formal and the half sleeve shirts give a holiday vibe.You can opt for the shirts that have sleeve button and you can roll them up to appear as the hot casual guy.

    Opt for shirts that are short so that you don’t need to tuck them in. Untucked sleeves rolled up shirts are perfect as casual attire.

    Choose a vibrant or pale colour as per your personality and style it casually.Trust me, we will fetch many eyeballs at any casual outing.

  • A guide to nailing the perfect office style

    In a world where guys don’t feel awkward at all to wear flip-flops to work or barely know to knot a neck tie, you hold all the chances to be the coolest among the lot only if you know the correct tactics and have the right approach.
    One can easily get business suits for men in India but it is important that you know the trick to flaunt it in an impressive way.Here are few tips for you to have your business suit groove on.

    There is no dearth of men having enough resources to splurge on one of the branded business suits for men in India but it is the individual style approach that helps in gaining attention towards it.

    As you roll into your office flawless in that same suit,then it would not just be the looks of the outfit but your charisma which will turn heads,gain you compliments and will render the magnetic style statement. So,it’s all in your hand that how you will pull-off the head-to-toe appeal and have the crowd mesmerised.

    Liven up the drab office environment with confidence galore.Your selection of tie should be such that it must have a punch of vibrant colours.This will surely draw the line of differentiation between you and the league of those anonymous entities locked in the habit of pairing their dark shirts with dark coloured ties.Untitled

    Shirts with pointed collars are somehow dated concepts now.It is the time to flaunt the spread collars on the shirt.They are the standard now.

    A pocket square is a very small attribute to your dressing up regime but plays a great role in shaping your style.

    Get the platter of colours in your collection of hankies for the pocket square and play off with the colour of your shirt and tie.

  • Find a wide range of designer suits for men

    You might not be able to find the difference in a normal suit or also slim cut suits.They have a few changes in style and cut to enhance the look and the personality of the wearer.You must have at least one suit in your wardrobe.

    Suits and blazers make men look like real men.They are stylish and made with fine quality that makes them look good for business meetings and conferences or client visit.Suits could be both categorized into various sub-categories.The demand for suits have largely increased in the past few years.
    UntitledProfessionals looking to buy suits, can do so by either getting it custom tailored or buy a ready made suit for you.

    Designer suits are available in various warm colors like the black, blue, and gray.Wear soft colors that will look good and suave.

    Some of the places to find the right wardrobe includes shops, wholesale dealers, and retail outlets that can provide you with discounted rates for potential buyers.
    SuCCess Mens Suit
    If you do online shopping, then you have a lot of options.The newest fashion suits include the monochrome suitings.

    It is the new fashion statement for people who like to standout in the crowd.

    Through online dealers, you will find pin-striped suits, woolen and double breasted cashmere suits for business purposes.They are available at local stores and will cost you much more.

    You must always buy from an authentic store where they have a reputation and quality.You can find business suits for men India through both online and offline sources.

  • Where To Find The Best Casual Shirts Online

    They sell various forms of clothing including suits and blazers,jackets,formal shirts,casual shirts,trousers,t-shirts and various other accessories.
    Slick Black Casual Shirts
    Stand out in the crowd.Their casuals as well as formal shirts are comfortable to wear and provides you a stunning look.

    Now you can also shop online through their website.They provide free shipping.

    With at least 16 years of experience under their belt,they know the pulse of the market and their customers very well.

    Through this website they can find professional and casual shirts buy online.

    Apart from having many retail outlet stores in various parts of the eastern region in India,you can shop through their website.

    Their main goal is to provide the best professional attire and cool casuals thatCotton Casual Shirts everyone will like.

    Most of their garments are handcrafted and made with skills that are quite ancient and traditional to the clothing industry in India.

    They hire a talented pool of professionals and employees who has the knowledge and skills to make things happen and provide the best product for the end user.

    They sell formal shirts and pants for men too.They make formal stuff from quality fabric.

    They are fully dedicated to providing customers with the best quality that is crisp,comfortable,and classy.

    You can easily find clothes with different sizes and fit.They are complete male attire shop.

    Some of their casual wear includes denim,shirts and trousers.Their formal wear is trusted all over India.

    Customers like what they have to offer.If you are looking for the best,then come to ‘suCCess’ and find the brands you like.

  • Casual Shirts: One choice serving multiple purposes

    It can be well said that men have rather limited options of attires than women.The staple ensemble of a man comprises trousers and shirts.

    Apart from that the other options include suits,blazers and occasionally T-shirts,which is yet again a form of shirt and the other attires mentioned also have shirt as the principal inclusion in the set.

    Thus, shirts happen to be the outfit that play a pivotal role in giving a complete shape to a man’s wardrobe.
    linen_shirt_update[1]A man is thus left with only playing with the shapes,forms, styles,designs, patterns and colours  of the shirt.They wear different forms of the outfit for the different occasions.

    Having a commendable collection of casual shirts just do magic if they are combined with the right set of trouser, shoes and other accessories.

    The advantage of having casual shirts is that they can be used in multiple ways.  One can pair them with jeans and go for an outing with friends.

    Again, when paired with ripped denim and a smart pair of shoes,they turn out to be a cool ensemble for a night out.On the other hand,if you are pairing with a black,tailor-made trouser,It will complete your semi formal look.

    Thus,casual shirts work in a multifarious way for umpteen purposes with just a bit of conscious effort and a fashionable outlook.

    Here is a brief guidance for you to create the elegant look with a casual shirt. If you effectively implement it in your dressing then your selected outfit will perfectly put forward your attitude and personality.

      • As you will go for a casual shirt buy online,just be very careful about the choice. Always consider your body shape and height while selecting the colour and the patterns.

    The shirts come in various forms, such as with /without pockets,roll up sleeves.Just get the right design and accessorize them with cool pair of jeans,smart shoes and sporty watch.

    • The patterns as in diagonal and vertical stripes, checks, and darker shades are better options to create a semi formal look.Go for the tuck in style.It is better to go for solid colours.
    • If it is about your Friday dressing then a casual shirt can be your perfect dress to kill.Choose shirts in jazzy fabric, glamorous cut and other detailing. You are ready to rock the show.
  • Invest In Great Quality Formal Shirts to Look Amazing At Office

    Dressing has been reflective of your status and personality since the ancient times of the kings and nobles.With time, dressing has evolved yet we all know how important that is even today.
    The formal dressing of men has replaced the puffed sleeved and fitted dresses worn previously by the kings.
    Full Sleeve Slim Fit Formal ShirtsWith the ever evolving and changing fashion trends most of us are at times left bewildered at what to wear.

    Being on budget and yet looking fabulous in the trending fashion is a pretty hard work especially for the men.

    The best formal shirts for men are known as the Tuxedo shirts and these beautiful creations are crafted out of fine material.

    These shirts are hardly wrinkled and look amazing because of it. The wing collar is one the most preferred styles of the tux shirt which requires a necktie.

    There are other more casual styles which don’t require a necktie.Today,in the 21st century,formal dressing is not only restricted to your offices.

    You can easily wear them to any sort of occasions you wish to.Most men look stunning in their formals because it helps you to appear slimmer and gives you a sharp look.
    Comfortable Sexy Black Formal Shirt
    Though the formal shirts appear to be very simple yet they hold a very important part in a man’s dressing.

    If you are able to discover the type of shirts that suit and compliment your body type the best,you don’t have to worry about you style much.

    But,you must be very careful while choosing the colour as it may make or break your clothes.

    Whenever you buy formal shirts online or from the retail stores but it is important to be sure about the quality of the clothes you are investing in.

    The suits and shirts you buy from the branded stores will actually last you a very long time if you care for them the right way.

    The suits and the shirts come with proper wash and care directions with them, follow these to extend the life of your clothing. This will save you a lot of money as these suits tend to be very costly.

  • Here Are A Few Basic Ideas and Facts about the Indian Garment Industry

    The domestic apparelindustry of India consists mainly of the five segments:

    1) Womenswear
    2) Menswear
    3) Kidswear
    4) Unisex
    5) Uniforms

    : menswear manufacturer in India

    Menswear manufacturers in India are the part of the largest segment while the uniform and womenswear manufacturers are the part of the fastest growing segments. Any kind of apparel manufacture is labour intensive process and it includes a mixed ratio of skilled, unskilled and semi-skilled labourers to manufacture fabrics and clothing.


    The current export of the garment industry of India is approximately $14 billion. There has been a significant demand for garment from the African and Latin American countries which has now pushed the industry to be costing around the $16 billion mark.

    Legal issues in Garment Industry:

    In India, the garment industry mostly employed children for production of garments and textile. Now that child labour has become a punishable crime the garment industry has suffered a huge set back. Most of the major apparel manufacturing companies have various codes and policies which opt to end the tradition of hiring child labour and other hazardous working conditions.

    The textile ministry along with the apparel sector of India have taken a positive initiative to help the various manufacturers to focus on the prevention of child labour and to put more effort into good work practices. This will ultimately help in improving the country’s image as an “ethical sourcing destination”.

    India has now learned to take the legal compliance’s into their own hands as we have been pushed by the increasing pressure from all the developing countries to meet the global standards of labour. This is a necessary step to change the country’s negative image.

    Following the proper rules and regulation India has been slowly climbing their way to success in the garment and garments export industry. The various online stores are another way of making sales online and earning more foreign exchange.

  • Team up an elegant shirt with a fitting trouser for that manly look

    Gone are those days when fashion included only women. These days, men have become extremely fashion conscious. Though the variety of men’s attire is not as wide as women, a quality shirt and trouser can augment a man’s look and personality like never before and that too within a few minutes.

    Men’s Trouser Men’s Trouser

    These days, designers are working on shirts to bring more and more variety of shirts. Apart from formal shirts, casual shirts are also a hot favourite of men. You can pick your choice from a wide range of fashionable, chic, comfortable, cool, stylish and elegant shirts. While you can set the fashion temperature quite high by wearing a double cuff shirt with a nice pair of cufflinks for a wedding dinner, a casual trendy shirt is perfect office wear in the weekend.

    Shirts come in different textures and fabrics. But since comfort is the main factor, you should always choose the fabric you feel the most comfortable. Cotton twill shirts spell comfort and are quite durable too. You will get an endless collection of cotton shirt. They come in long sleeves, short sleeves, business shirts, cuffed shirts, summer shirts and even nightshirts.

    You should never think that choosing a good shirt will do all the tricks for you. A good shirt does not matter until and unless you team it up with a fitted and good quality trouser. Don’t forget a quality men’s belt that will enhance your look manifold.

    With the presence of several e-commerce sites having fantabulous collection of women as well as men’s clothing, buying online men’s trouser in India is the latest trend. In fact, there are various advantages of shopping online. With just a few clicks, you can search all the reputed brands selling the product you are searching for. Also, the web stores offer much lower prices for the products as compared to their physical stores.

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